Episode 2:Ooh, Owls, Big Deal (Batman: The Court of Owls)

Welcome back for the 2nd episode of Four Color Book Club as Clancy discovers a newfound respect for how truly sinister those rodent-butchering arch-villains of the sky, owls, can be.  That’s right, we’re reviewing the first volume of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s New 52 run on Batman.  That’s issues #1-7 as collected in the trade paperback The Court of Owls.  This one’s got everything folks, from the Riddler’s question mark Mohawk to miniature Bruce Waynes to Year One homages aplenty.  Enjoy!

Episode 1: Rated E For Eye Violence (Hawkeye: My Life as a Weapon)

Welcome to the ground floor of Four Color Book Club, the podcast where we, your hosts Jaden Hein and Clancy Morel, immerse you, the reader, into the zany, expansive, and sometimes bewildering world of comic book super heroes.  Our very first episode deals with the Matt Fraction/ David Aja modern masterpiece, Hawkeye.  Tune in as we discuss the very first volume of this critically acclaimed run, issues #1-5, published in the trade paperback My Life as a Weapon.